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The White Hound of the North
March 16, 2018 · 7:30 pm -
March 24, 2018 · 9:00 pm
The steep and thorny way to heaven
In Irish fairytales, we often “go west.” To Faerieland, to paradise, to America: places from which we can never return. Or, if we do, a thousand years have passed and our children’s children’s children do not know our faces.

In The White Hound of the North, our ensemble explores these ideas of what it means to venture to unknown realms to find our destiny (and perhaps to lose ourselves in the process), how being true to our own priorities can lead us to treasures we never imagined, and what happens when we must give up everything we know in order to save what we love.

Thursdays through Saturdays March 16th - 24th
$20 seated, $12 standing
7:30pm Show, 7:00pm Doors (no late seating)
RSVP encouraged, not recommended for children under 12

In this, Speculative Drama’s fourth movement theatre piece based on lesser-known fairytales, we embark on a journey, one which will deliver us into a life we could never have predicted. Join us as we watch our intrepid and determined Princess make magical wishes, discover friendships and love, and ultimately, sacrifice everything she is familiar with in order to save her beloved Hound.

Drawing inspiration from the Irish Diaspora, Appalachian and Irish-American music, Celtic myths and legends, and storybook imagery, The White Hound of the North transports us to an enchanted world full of shapeshifting animals, magical curses, and otherworldly obstacles that is surprisingly not that different from our own, at its center.

This production is “a play in movement”, drawing on the principles of mask and physical theatre and using a musical soundscape, stylized makeup, and detailed costumes to create a fully realized and sumptuous world. The White Hound of the North is a wholly immersive show featuring standing room areas and limited seating, with the audience is placed directly into the action: performers move around and through the viewers to convey the story.

Ensemble: Peyton McCandless, Zed Jones, Elizabeth Neal, Rega Lupo, Wynee Hu, Emily Hyde, and Kirsten Webb
Artistic Director, Devisement, and Director: Megan Skye Hale
Creative Director and Technical Designer: Myrrh Larsen

Speculative Drama was founded to explore the intersection of classic stories and immersive theatre. Helmed by Artistic Director and London-trained classical and movement actor Megan Skye Hale and Creative Director, Technical Designer, and Portland-based musician Myrrh Larsen, Speculative Drama aims to reclaim the relevance of myths, fairy tales, and Shakespeare through movement theatre, immersive staging, and site-specific production. In an ongoing collaboration with local underground performance venue The Steep and Thorny Way to Heaven, we place the audience directly into the action of our productions. Combining the principles of site-specific theatre, rich and immersive soundscapes, and an extremely intimate setting, we create an atmosphere of innovation while honoring and maintaining the original texts or source materials.